Handmade & Personalised Gifts – Ideal for Christmas

The last few months of the year are usually the most expensive. Although Christmas is a great holiday filled with coziness and food, it’s not the cheapest holiday if gifts are an absolute must. It is easy to get sucked in by all the high street sales and adverts, detailing the latest trends and gadgets. You don’t really need to break the bank to give someone a personalised and thoughtful present – you could even make some of them yourself. Check out some our favourite gift ideas that don’t break the bank.

Make Your Own Watercolour Portraits

Anyone with a computer, printer and watercolour supplies is able to make this present. The Grow Creative Blog has a fantastic tutorial by Elise Engh online detailing exactly how to create a watercolour portrait from a picture. You can take an old childhood picture and make a portrait for your mother, or take your favourite picture of you and your best friend to celebrate your friendship – your imagination is the limit. All you have to do is open your image in an editor, scale it back to two colours and print out the resulting image. Then simply transfer the picture to your watercolour paper, pick your colour scheme and go to town! Present your portrait in a picture frame and your gift is guaranteed to be a hit.

Make a Watercolour Anything

Obviously, the method above isn’t limited to just portraits. Greenery, leaves, and cacti have become part of popular culture and gifts shops are inundated with items featuring a cactus or palm leaves. Avoid spending big bucks on a cactus print for your friend (or your own living room) and make your own watercolour print by following Elise Engh’s tutorial for portraits. If you want to try your hand at creating your own watercolour print, but you don’t have good quality paint, look up Reeves Art products. They have a wide selection of great quality paint and supplies; available for delivery from Amazon should you be strapped for time. Creating your own art has never been easier!

Personalised Jewellery

If you’re not the creative type, or you are simply looking for a different present, have a browse on the website Not On The High Street. This site is a great place to find little, personalised gifts suitable for absolutely anyone, whether you are shopping for your dad, your best friend or your partner – all for very affordable prices. For the budget of £15, you could buy your mother or friends an elegant personalised bracelet; you could surprise your father with a poster of his favourite lyrics, or buy your partner a personalised wine glass with engraved heart. Have a browse and be amazed at the beautiful gifts on offer for £15 or under.

Paint Your Own Ceramics

Nearly all major cities have a paint-your-own-pottery studio where you can come in, pick a piece of pottery and paint it whichever way you like. Some might even have upcoming Christmas deals, such as paint your own baubles or Santa. Not only could this be a great activity to do with your family or friends, you could also bring your kids so they can create a gift for a grandparent or sibling. You can often decide what you want to paint, from functional ware such as a plate to a cup to decorative pieces.

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